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What You Are Saying…

August 20, 2012 “If you are reading this you have already had that fear of losing your child.  I have lived this fear and it is all too real.  I thought I knew what “real fear” was but I had no idea.  As a competitor in the 1984 Olympic Games I trained my whole life to have nerves of steel.  Dealing with pressure at the highest levels was something I was used to.  You would think I would be ready for anything.  I wasn’t.

The day I discovered what real fear was the day I couldn’t find my son.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I was ripped down to my core.  Forget defining myself as an elite Olympic level athlete….I was simply a terrified mother whose son was missing and panic was starting to set in.   While a missing child is terrifying for anyone, add to it that Hunter is severely autistic and nonverbal.    After the call to 911 went in I lived that old saying of “the minutes felt like hours.”   With each second that passed I envisioned a thousand awful endings…….To my utter relief the police did find him only a few blocks away, and he was safe.

That was the day I said “Never again!”  I made a promise to myself that I would protect Hunter the best I could.  I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only parent out there trying to keep their child safe.  I thought to myself there has to be something out there.  There is!  I called Adiant Solutions and equipped my son with the S-911.  The staff at Adiant Solutions understood my concerns and were professional and caring.   They personally walked me through the set up and answered any questions I had.  I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have a team on my side!

I have peace of mind that if Hunter ever is lost again I will have that extra line of defense to help find him quickly.   When your child is lost time is the enemy.  Every second counts.  I want to thank Adiant Solutions for being the absolute best in the field.  They are continuously working to improve their products and service I can’t wait to see what they will come out with next.  How do you thank a company that  can safe your child’s life?” Cheryl, Salt Lake City, UT

August 3, 2012 “After researching and testing several different products, we saw an excellent opportunity with the S-911 Bracelet.  Adiant Solutions offers a superior product at a reasonable price.  Their service is impeccable.  Rarely do you find vendors that work directly with you through every step of the process.  Adiant Solutions is truly dedicated to assisting clients with cognitive disorders.” Captain Michael Dunn Niagara County Sheriff’s Office

August 2, 2012 “Finding and working with Adiant Solutions has been a Godsend for us here at the Alzheimer’s Research Association (ARA). We had been working on a solution for our members to combat the problem of a Wandering Alzheimer’s patient. We search for over two years to try and find just the right product. We were getting so frustrated that we actually were getting ready to design our own product and bring it to market.

                Then we found Adiant Solutions, and all of our problems were solved, right from the start of the relationship, they knew and understood what we were trying to accomplish. They had the right product, the right service, and the right personal to make this problem of wandering a thing of the past. Thank you Tom for all your hard work in solving a potential lifesaving situation for us, I can’t tell you how much that means to us here at the Alzheimer’s Research Association (ARA).                 Joe LucidoDirector,                 Alzheimer’s Research Associationwww.alzra.org

albertamedicalasociationThe SOS voice feature, response time as well as GPS accuracy was quite impressive.

The battery life was exceptional and we did not have to charge the unit for over one week.

This product is clearly an industry leader.

Roger,                 Alberta Medial Association


The personal GPS Tracking Device provided by Adiant Solutions CANADA adds an additional layer of protection and security for victims of domestic violence.

It also provides investigators an invaluable tool to assist in ongoing criminal harassment investigations. Especially in cases requiring requiring safety planning.

Adiant Solutions CANADA can assist with complainant monitoring, gathering of additional evidence, and location and movement documentation.

Detective M.B.                 (Domestic Violence Investigator with a Major Canadian Police Service)

April 27, 2012 “Thank You for creating the S 911 bracelet locator!                IT WILL SAVE MY HUSBANDS LIFE AND MY SANITY.                 In December of 2011 my husband Al drove his new Mercedes to the grocery store and did not return in a reasonable time. I was getting very worried and frantic when I received a call from a gentleman in Tijuana Mexico that my husband did not know where he was and was lost.                 As you can imagine I was beside myself with worry and very alarmed. How in the world was I going to get him home!               We were blessed to have this lovely couple get in the car with him and bring him back across the border to San Diego.  They were in line at the border for 3 hours and called me every half hour to assure me he was fine and they were on their way.

IT WAS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!                My daughter found your company and called me immediately to encourage me to buy this device for her Dad.  Although Big Al my Pal is no longer driving he wears it every day when he walks the dog and when we go shopping.  I can call him and make sure he is ok and I can also track him on the computer. We have so many challenges and worries with dementia but loosing Al is not one of them!                WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL!”    Olga, San Diego, CA

October 28, 2011 “The S-911 Bracelet Locator has been working great for the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.  It is saving the tax payers money by allowing juveniles to be placed on house arrest instead of placing them in juvenile detention at a cost of over $155.00 per day.  We are also using it through the Grant County District Court system when the judge orders house arrest time instead of placing the person in jail.  The system works great in that it allows us to look at the person that is being monitored any time of day or night and that it is REAL TIME!!!  I like being able to set up areas that are not to be entered or exited at my finger tips it helps cut down on the time you have to monitor the person.  Battery time is good on the bracelets and easy to keep track of when it is on a person that is being monitored.  This is a great product and I am sure that we will be buying more in the future.”                Grant County Sheriff,  Kansas

September 26, 2011               “As  a Patient Safety Manager at a large hospital with multiple buildings, our  current wandering technologies are  the wanderguard alarm system and the  LifeSaver project.  Both have vulnerabilities that a patient could wander  out of the facility without anyone knowing or with the LifeSaver project, it  will not track a patient in wooded areas or during thunderstorms. The Adiant  GPS watch located our test subjects within 5 minutes of the alarm eliminating  staff time in locating a wandering patient. Both nursing and police staff were  impressed with the ease of use and time finding a wandering patient.” Patient  Safety Manager, St. Louis, Missouri

April 26, 2011 “We have seen many different tracking solutions over the years.  The Adiant S-911 bracelet is a comprehensive device.  This product is something families should strongly consider if they are a caregiver of a child with autism or a person with another cognitive disorder that has a tendency to wander or run.  In our community wandering is a tremendous issue and it’s valuable to know there is a product that can help families in need.” Candace McDonald, executive director of Jenny McCarthy’s autism foundation Generation Rescue.

March 11, 2011 “With the S-911, these people can be located in the first ten minutes, long before their cloudy-minded journey becomes dangerous. The S-911 does more than send a GPS tracking signal when Grandma wanders off or an autistic child runs away. We have reviewed a number of PERS systems, GPS tracking devices and fall detectors but this is the first product that has combined so many functions into one unit, which takes the form of a bracelet only slightly larger than a wristwatch.” Tim Rowan, Healthcare Technology News

March 2011 “The S-911Bracelet features include: two-way communication, actual watch time piece, real-time tracking, customer controlled geo-fencing, G-shock sensor alert to detect falls, automatic answering after three rings, phone book, speed sensor, and panic button—making it the first emergency location device to provide this many features in one unit.”Lifestyle Magazine

February 21, 2011 “A valley company has created a way to keep track of your loved ones.  It’s called the S911 Bracelet — basically, a wristwatch that works as a GPS and cell phone.  Families in               the valley say the device has made a big impact on their lives.” Phoenix FOX10 News